In deep love with engineering…..

Little Laya had her share of rose flower for the day. She is going to pin the flower to her head while she leave for nursery school. Her attention was diverted to the beauty of the flower. She asked a question to her father in astonishment “father, can you tell me how a rose flower comes with this attractive colour and ingredients, its really marvelous!!!”

Father replied “dear little laya, it’s the work of nature that gives beautiful color and fragrance to the flowers. Nature wants to have certain happenings in its surroundings, like production of seeds by plants, collection of honey. So it’s the master plan of nature that is being worked out. To attract honey bees the flowers have good colour, fragrance, honey etc. It would facilitate production of fruits easily…..”.

“This is just one example where engineering of nature comes into play.”

 There are so many marvelous examples of engineering taught by various other animals and living beings like

Honey combs made by honey bees are almost hexagonal in shape, it is the most stable structure, it employs economizing labour and wax.

Cobwebs built by spider are perfect in shape and they use it to catch the prey without getting caught in the web.

 Nests made by certain birds can accommodate more than 400 birds and have variety of rooms with different facilities.

 Dams built by beaver can be a good habitat. Beavers also do weather roofing for their house.

Colonies built by ants underground and above the ground acts as house for millions of ants.

Skyscraper mounds built by termites are wonders of nature.

Chambers built by prairie dogs underground for storing food, nursery of their younger ones can spread up to miles and can be a good township.

Engineering is natural and nature is the best engineer. Think of some marvelous facts of our body. its perfectly engineered.

Among modern world engineers as we know, are the solution finders to various problems in the society. They apply their knowledge to provide the best technology. They administer this to solve the problems in the society.

Teachers are the social engineers. They use their time, knowledge etc to cater the best individual in the student they meet.

Spiritual people are otherwise called as Inner engineering people; they help others with ideas of creating the best out of any individuals.

People in all profession like doctors, businessmen etc, can be successful if they have a good engineering attitude (attitude of administrating the knowledge to solve the problems of society) . They would be able to judge when to, how to, why to intervene in society at what pace etc…..

So let us wish to be good engineers (solution finders to the existing problems of this world). 

Let us discover the engineer in us……………..


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