Let us expand the horizon of correctness…..

Little Priya was reading stories based on history when she raised few doubts to her father.

“How did this Alexander defeat our Indian ruler Purushothama ? “

“ Why didn’t this Indian king purushothama use our modern warfare ? “

“ then he would have won over Alexander easily “

Her  father started answering  to little Priya, “ dear, our Indian king Purushothama of ancient Punjab or king of Pauravas  fought his battle brilliantly with Alexander. This battle was held near  to Jhelum area. He has used the best resources available in his country to the best of his knowledge. He used good tactics of that era available then in India. He was captured  and brought in front of Alexander . Then also he kept his dignity and valour. When King Alexander asked about the way in which he should treat Purushothama, he replied that  Alexander need to treat him  as a king. Alexander returned his kingdom to Purushothama.”

So who should read history and how one should approach history is a good question to be answered in this context. Should we read the history in comparison to modern context or not ? 

History can be approached in a systematic manner with a preconceived notion that our fore fathers/ we ourselves have used their/our knowledge very well, to the best of their knowledge. Otherwise we would rename history as a series of mistakes committed by our forefathers /us.

Strategies adopted during different practical situation, their ideas of planning practically, their vast vision of the world, the wisdom they carried, their ideas on interpersonal relations etc can be a motivation for us. That can be the attitude of a person reading history or of a person doing constructive introspection.

One would be able to deliver a better service to others if we introspect about ourselves or we study history with a constructive attitude. One can update their fundamental knowledge so that they can serve others well. Such people become proactive.

A person will appreciate their past / history if they have learned something from it.

On learning from past / history the person will appreciate the changes happened in the past, and the person will also love the process of learning from changes, and even they will love the very cause that brought the changes, then they will go on till loving the outcomes of changes.

Now these people can  free their work from the burdens of past. They can work constructively and relaxed in ‘ the present ’.

It’s the duty and responsibility of a person to think in coherence with one’s own values and beliefs.

He / she will be able to stick on to noble values to the maximum extend.

Let all of us be able to respect one’s own past and the history of mankind with love and respect and learn from it.

So may all of us be able to change our working pattern suitable to needs of the people effectively. (in tune with our way of thinking)

Let all of us be able to progress to an abundant future.


2 thoughts on “Let us expand the horizon of correctness…..

  1. Dear Hitesh
    Well written article in a simple language without any jargons.
    Please continue writing..
    Like any other skills, one can improve only by practice.
    Best wishes
    Warm regards

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