Live with plentifulness and be rich

It’s really a great feeling when one lives  with the idea of plentifulness.

As a child, Shyam  had the experience of plentifulness from his relatives and friends.

In his childhood Shyam was taken to his uncle’s home during vacation. The villagers were not as rich as the people in town. Their houses were small and less furnished compared to the houses in cities. These houses were built in the middle of small farms. These farms were more than enough for children to play  games. Ripened oranges, mangoes were found in large quantities beneath every tree. One could eat them in large quantities and carry the remaining to their home if needed.

Shyam was really happy to stay in his uncle’s house, mainly because he had so many friends to play with. He could play a variety of traditional games. Playing such games gave alot of physical exercise for children. Many of his relatives were staying nearer to his uncle’s house. He also had many fresh fruits to eat.

At the end of his holidays, Shyam’s father came to take him back to the city.

Shyam’s uncle and his friends  gifted Shyam’s father with one bag full of fresh mangoes, one box full of fresh oranges, two big piles of banana and five big jack fruits.

That was the biggest ever surprise for Shyam . Shyam’s uncle and his friends were ready to gift similar stuff every now and then without receiving anything in return.

To give something without measure is a good quality indeed. One who is contented with whatever he has can be happy while giving something.

Only the people with prosperity mindset can give whole heartedly. There are some rich people who fail to give even small things to others free of cost and at the same time there are people who irrespective of their poverty live with needful items to others.

One who gives becomes rich by giving.

One becomes noble with the act he does, not with something he gets back. ‘How we do what we do ‘is more important than ‘what we do’ itself.

Items one gets back also matters. 

Sharing something that one may have can reduce exploitation of nature, reduces wastages and increase co-operation among people.

So may you all be able to give in plenty to others. May you all become rich by giving! May everyone be able to live a life of prosperity.


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