Do not follow, please over take………..

Mr.Ram, the student driver was at the hot seat.  He was sitting next to the motor vehicle inspector of the district. Mr.Ram knew that the police officer is friendly. The police officer ordered him to start vehicle and he moved the car forward.

Mr.Ram was eager to listen to the commands from the officer.

Suddenly he spotted a lorry at the back of his car. Slowly Mr.Ram pulled his hands out of the car window and gave “overtake signal”.

The lorry rushed with a thanks giving horn.

Then police officer started talking to Mr.Ram to console him.

Soon he heard a big Innova car blowing horns at the back of his car. Mr.Ram soon pulled his hands out of the car window to give hand signal for other vehicle to overtake.

The Innova went on its own way with very high speed.

Soon Mr.Ram noticed that the police officer was satisfactory with the rules followed by him. Police officer wrote “excellent “ against driving skills of Mr.Ram and issued him the driving license. The officer was highly impressed of Mr.Ram’s attitude of “letting others to overtake”.

The attitude of letting others to follow their own dreams and work according to their own pace invites laurels to anybody. These people who redirect others in their own path may be called true leaders.

A person wish to be a leader not because he needs money, power etc but he is willing to help others (lead others \  he has empathy).

Self-leadership is a ‘must have’ for everybody in this world for propagating oneself through right direction to right goal in life.

A true leader creates more leaders than meek followers.

Salutations to the true leader in all. May everyone be able to invoke true leadership within them.


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